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2021 Technology Predictions in Power Electronics2020 Dec
Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook2020 Oct
WEBINAR: Class D Audio with GaN2020 Oct
GaN in Class-D Audio: Advantages with GaN Systems – A Comparative Look2020 Sep
GaN Semiconductors Qualification and Reliability: A Customer Collaborative Approach2020 Sep
Simple Technique Measures Performance Of GaN-Based Power Supplies2020 Sep
Advantages Of 100V GaN In 48V Applications2020 Sep
Efficiency Improvement of Motor Drive System by using a GaN Three Phase Inverter – Available with IEEE membership2020 Aug
6.78 MHz Wireless Power Transfer With Self-Resonant Coils At 95% DC-DC Efficiency2020 Aug
WEBINAR: What’s Driving GaN Semiconductor Mass Market Appeal?2020 Aug
Disruptive Power Electronics in Automotive EV2020 Jul
GaN Enables Efficient, Cost-Effective 800V EV Traction Inverters2020 Jul
WEBINAR: Thermal Management Guidelines for GaN Transistors2020 Jul
EBOOK: Technologies of the Next Generation Smart Home2020 Apr
EBOOK: Rethinking What’s Smart: Next Generation Smart Home That’s Available to Everyone2020 Apr
Power Loss Characterization and Modeling for GaN-Based Hard-Switching Half-Bridges Considering Dynamic On-State Resistance2020 Apr
WEBINAR: GaN Performance Advantage in Totem Pole PFC and LLC Converters2020 Apr
Design Considerations for a GaN-Based High Frequency LLC Resonant Converter2020 Mar
Common Misconceptions About the MOSFET Body Diode2020 Jan
EBOOK: The 2020 Top Technology Trends In Power2020 Jan
Using MOSFET Controllers to Drive GaN E-HEMTs2020 Jan
GaN Technologies For Electric Vehicles2020 Jan
Optimal Design for High Frequency GaN-Based Totem Pole PFC2020 Jan
EBOOK: Roadmap to the Future of Wireless Technology.2019 Oct
WEBINAR: Simple Layout Steps for Maximizing GaN Design Performance2019 Nov
EBOOK: Industry 4.0: Driving Innovation with Robotic Hardware2019 Jun
The Value of GaN HEMTs in 800V and Above Applications
2019 Jun
Power Amplifier and Coil Design Optimization for Large Air Gap Applications
2019 Jun
Why GaN E-HEMTs are a Power Designer’s Transistor of Choice
2019 Jun
Parasitics Optimization for GaN HEMTs in Conventional Housing Type Power Modules
2019 Jun
Get Going with GaN
2019 Jun
WEBINAR: The Effect of Dynamic On-State Resistance to System Losses in GaN-based Hard-Switching Applications2019 May
Parasitic Capacitance Eqoss Loss Mechanism Calculations and Measurement in Hard Switching with GaN HEMTs  – Available with IEEE membership2018 Oct
A Full Power Emulation Platform for Evaluating Power Semiconductors – Available with IEEE membership2018 Oct
Opportunities and Challenges of Gan HEMTs in ZVS Applications – Available with IEEE membership
2018 Oct
High-Power-Density 400VDC-19VDC LLC Solution with GaN HEMTs2018 Oct
A Mathematical Guideline for Designing an AC-DC LLC Converter with PFC – Available with IEEE membership
2018 Oct
Loss Distribution among Paralleled GaN HEMTs2018 Oct
High power Constant Current Class EF2 GaN Power Amplifier for AirFuel Magnetic Resonance Wire-less Power Transfer Systems2018 Oct
System Level Considerations with GaN Power Switching2018 Mar
Opportunities and Design Considerations of GaN HEMTs in ZVS Applications2018 Mar
A Full Power Emulation Platform for Evaluating Power Semiconductors2018 Mar
Parasitic Capacitance Eqoss Loss Mechanism, Calculation, and Measurement in Hard-Switching for GaN HEMTs2018 Mar
High Efficiency, High Power PA Design for Wireless Power Transfer
2018 Mar
An Experimental Comparison of GaN E-HEMTs versus SiC MOSFETs over Different Operating Temperatures2017 Nov
A Modular Designed Three-phase High-efficiency High-power-density EV Battery Charger Using Dual/Triple-Phase-Shift Control – Available with IEEE membership2017 Nov
Utilizing GaN transistors in 48V communications DC-DC converter design2017 Nov
New tools for driving GaN E-HEMT transistors2017 Oct
A high power-density and high efficiency insulated metal substrate based GaN HEMT power module – Available with IEEE membership2017 Oct
Critical transient processes of enhancement-mode GaN HEMTs in high-efficiency and high-reliability applications2017 Oct
A Novel energy balanced variable frequency control for input-series-output-parallel modular EV fast charging stations – Available with IEEE membership2017 Sep
Applying Variable-Switching-Frequency Variable-Phase-Shift Control and E-Mode GaN HEMTs to an Indirect Matrix Converter-Based EV Battery Charger – Available with IEEE membership2017 Jul
The Benefits of Gallium Nitride Power Transistors Span Multiple Markets2017 Jun
A Performance Comparison of GaN E-HEMTs versus SiC MOSFETs2017 Jun
Paralleled GaN Transistors Boost Converter Power Up to 100 kW2017 May
System Level Advantages of Designing with GaN2017 May
Paralleling GaN E-HEMTs in 10kW–100kW systems – Available with IEEE membership
2017 Mar
A model-based buck-type active filter using proportional-resonant controller and GaN HEMTs – Available with IEEE membership2017 Mar
An E-mode GaN HEMTs based three-level bidirectional DC/DC converter used in Robert Bosch DC-grid system – Available with IEEE membership
2016 Nov
A Novel Power Inverter Design Using GaN Transistors Produces a Power Density of 61.2 W/in32016 Sep
SiC and GaN vs. IGBTs: The Imminent Tug of War for Supremacy
2016 Jul
Paralleling GaN E-HEMTs in 10kW-100kW Systems – Available with IEEE membership2016 Jul
Integration or Optimization…Which Comes First?2016 Jun
Comparison of Silicon and GaN Transistors Leads to an Optimized Inverter Design
2016 May
Level 2 Onboard Charger with GaN Semiconductors Achieves Record Efficiency2016 Mar
Design consideration of gate driver circuits and PCB parasitic parameters of paralleled E-mode GaN HEMTs in zero-voltage-switching applications – Available with IEEE membership
2016 Mar
Google Little Box Challenge Showcases GaN Power Element2016 Mar