GaN Systems – In The News

August 2022Voice for True Wireless Earbuds, GaN, and More Exciting Audio Frontiers in audioXpress

August 2022Harman InfinityLab Delivers Pocket-Sized 4-Port 100W GaN Charger Powered by GaN Systems

July 2022Beating the heat: How GaN keeps the data center cool

July 2022GaN Technology in Audio Power Amplification

June 2022Solving Demanding Thermal Requirements by Combining GaN Transistors with Advanced Magnetics Design

April 2022Power Electronics at APEC 2022: What’s Next?

April 2022APEC 2022—Back in-person, finally!

April 2022The Case for GaN in Vehicle Charging Systems

April 2022Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra

April 2022Audiophile amplification gains from GaN

March 2022Companies Vie for Title of “World’s Smallest GaN Charger”

March 2022The Peachtree Audio GaN400: A New Breed of Class D Amplification

March 2022How Canada aims to reduce auto’s reliance on microchips made overseas

March 2022GaN Systems triples its operations in Asia

March 2022SiC and GaN: A Tale of Two Semiconductors

March 2022GaN Systems Transistors Power Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Ultra Smartphone Chargers

March 2022GaN Audio in Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats

March 2022GaN Systems Launches 300W Audio Boost Converter Switched Mode Power Supply

March 2022GaN Systems and GSR conducting Internet data center power supply field trial

February 2022Navitas’ gallium nitride tech could help EVs charge three times faster

February 2022Interview with Larry Spaziani from GaN Systems

February 2022GaN Systems scales up operation in Taiwan

February 2022GaN Systems Triples Its Operations in Asia

February 2022Canada commits $240 million to bolster domestic semiconductor ecosystem

February 2022Seven Steps to Highly Effective GaN Designs

January 2022Teardown of Harman Kardon InfinityLAB 65W GaN Charger (ILINC65W)

January 2022CES 2022: World’s Smallest Charger? GaN Systems To Showcase Products In Power Supply And Audio

January 2022GaN eval kit features Class-D audio amp, SMPS

December 2021Companies Give Final Push to End 2021 With a Slew of GaN Devices

December 2021GaN-based Driver Built into LED Bulb Lowers Cost and Energy Use, Increases Power

December 2021GaN Systems and Partners Tackle the Net Zero Challenge

November 2021Canada’s power chip maker GaN Systems raises $150 mln, pushes on electric car market

November 2021GaN Systems agrees strategic partnership with USI | Engine + Powertrain Technology International

November 2021Full speed ahead: GaN Systems snags US$150M to fuel expansion of super-fast semiconductor technology

November 2021CEO Interview: Jim Witham, GaN Systems

November 2021Partnership to Accelerate GaN Adoption in EVs

October 2021GaN Systems and EPowerlabs deliver E-Mobility power solution

September 2021Leading In An Unpredictable World

September 2021Global sales slump, ‘green’ steel, GM cuts – the week

September 2021BMW Secures Supply Chain with GaN Capacity Deal

August 2021GaN Transistors for a Dollar? GaN Overcomes One Major Setback

July 2021The Novel Material That’s Shrinking Phone Chargers, Powering Up Electric Cars, and Making 5G Possible

February 2021Boosting efficiency in fast-charge adapters

September 2020Advantages Of 100V GaN In 48V Applications

September 2020Simple Technique Measures Performance Of GaN-Based Power Supplies

November 2017New tools for driving GaN E-HEMT transistors

September 2016A Novel Power Inverter Design Using GaN Transistors

July 2016SiC and GaN vs. IGBTs: The Imminent Tug of War for Supremacy

June 2016Integration or Optimization…Which Comes First?

March 2016Level 2 Onboard Charger with GaN Semiconductors Achieves Record Efficiency

March 2016Google Little Box Challenge Showcases GaN Power Element