Orchard Audio Delivers Near Perfect Fidelity with GaN

Orchard Audio is a U.S.-based company dedicated to delivering the ultimate sonic listening experience. With a range of expertly designed, high-performance digital-to-analog converters (DACs), streamers, and amplifiers, the company is helping consumers elevate the sound in their home theaters, listening rooms, or recording studios.

Orchard Audio solutions use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver sonically accurate, unbiased sound. The company’s belief that all aspects of sound can be measured drives its research and development efforts, focusing on achieving the best possible objective measurements and results.

Orchard Audio’s latest design – the Starkrimson Streamer Ultra – combines a digital to analog converter (DAC), streamer, and amplifier, all inside an easy-to-use enclosure that will blend into any décor. The Starkrimson Streamer Ultra represents a new kind of high-end audio system that offers commanding performance in a discrete package. It can perform the same functions that otherwise requires a rack full of components.

Learn how:

  • Orchard Audio leveraged GaN to develop its cutting-edge Class-D audio products
  • GaN transistors provide significant sound quality benefits over silicon
  • GaN Systems helped Orchard Audio achieve:
    • 5X-10X better THD+N
    • 20dB better Noise Floor (system level)
    • 4X-5X better Frequency Response
    • 4X reduction in power loss
Orchard Audio Casestudy

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