Technologies of the Next Generation Smart Home

More Intelligent Access and Interaction with Flexible Power Alternatives

In the eBook, the evolution of the rise of increasingly intelligent connected devices and the demands they place on design, energy efficiency, and power access is explored in relationship to future ‘smarter homes.’ These are the devices that will take advantage of the increased access and bandwidth that 5G will provide, and help deliver on a vision of accessibility and possibility for everyone.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The evolution in connectivity and intelligence in devices and sensors for the smart home
  • The importance of wireless power and charging in enabling optimal and relevant placement of devices
  • New applications for smart speakers an intelligent assistants that address depper human needs
  • The need for the power grid to evolve to support the next generation smart home with new forms of energy storage and distribution systems
  • How GaN technology plays a role in the ‘smarter home’ of the near future

This eBook is part of a two part series. Download eBook 1: “Next Generation Smart Home That’s Available to Everyone”

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