Where to Buy GaN Systems Semiconductors

For HiRel applications, contact our partner Teledyne

Eastern Region Ceejay MicroMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
Western Region DavetekMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
South America
Brazil BP&MMouserRichardson RFPD (S. America)
AL / NC / GA / KY / MS / NC / SC / FL / TN Envision LLCMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
AZ / NM Harper and TwoMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
CA (Northern) TaarcomMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
CA (San Diego) Harvey KingMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
CA (Southern) Harper and TwoMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
CT / ME / MA / NH / RI / VT Innovative Applied SolutionsMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
DE / MD / PA / VA Foster & WagerMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
KS / MO / IA / NE LorenzMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
Metro NY / NJ Spectrum SalesMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
NV (North and West) TaarcomMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
NV (South) Harper and TwoMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
OH / IN / KY / WV / MI / IL / WI / PA Staffco CampisanoMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
Southern NJ, Upstate NY Foster & WagerMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
TX / OK / AR / LA Pro-Comp SalesMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
UT / CO / WV MouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
WA / OR / ID QuadRepMouserRichardson RFPD (N. America)
Austrailia Mouser AustraliaRichardson RFPD   
China Mouser n/aRichardson RFPDSinox GroupKRH ElectronicsMostyle
Hong Kong Mouser Hong KongRichardson RFPD   
India Mouser IndiaRichardson RFPDIsmosys (Mfr. Rep)  
Indonesia Mouser IndonesiaRichardson RFPD   
Japan Mouser JapanRichardson RFPDDaitron JapanMarubunHagiwara
Korea Mouser KoreaRichardson RFPDDaitron KoreaNYG Co.WPG
Malaysia Mouser MalaysiaRichardson RFPD   
New Zealand Mouser New ZealandRichardson RFPD   
Phillipines Mouser PhilippinesRichardson RFPD   
Rest of Asia Mouser n/aRichardson RFPD   
Singapore Mouser SingaporeRichardson RFPD   
Taiwan Mouser TaiwanRichardson RFPDConquer  
Thailand Mouser ThailandRichardson RFPD   
Vietnam Mouser VietnamRichardson RFPD   
Austria Mouser AustriaRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Austria 
Belgium Mouser BelgiumRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Belguim 
Bulgaria Mouser BulgariaRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal n/a 
Croatia Mouser CroatiaRichardson RFPDArrow n/aEcomal n/a 
Czech Republic Mouser Czech RepublicRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Czech Republic 
Denmark Mouser DenmarkRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Denmark 
England / U.K. Mouser U.K.Richardson RFPDArrowEcomal n/a 
Finland Mouser FinlandRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Finland 
France Mouser FranceRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal France 
Germany Mouser GermanyRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Germany 
Great Britain Mouser U.K.Richardson RFPDArrowEcomal Great Britain 
Hungary Mouser HungaryRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Hungary 
Israel Mouser n/aRichardson n/aArrowEcomal n/aEastronics
Italy Mouser ItalyRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Italy 
Netherlands Mouser NetherlandsRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Netherlands 
Poland Mouser PolandRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Poland 
Portugal Mouser PortugalRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Portugal 
Russia Mouser RussiaRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal n/a 
Spain Mouser SpainRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Spain 
Sweden Mouser SwedenRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Sweden 
Switzerland Mouser SwitzerlandRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Switzerland 
The Rest of EMEA Mouser n/aRichardson RFPDArrowEcomal Rest of EMEA