Single-phase T-type 3-Level Inverter

Choose various source and load parameters, number of devices to parallel, heat sink parameters etc. Live simulated operating and switching waveforms are generated as well as data tables showing calculations for loss and junction temperature allowing you to compare the effect of parameter variations or the operation of different parts directly. If you are interested in receiving the PLECS device model for GaN Systems’ transistors, contact us.

¹⁾ A 10 Ω resistance is recommended for turn-on.
²⁾ A 2 Ω resistance is recommended for turn-off.
³⁾ Only the GaN transistor losses are taken into account.
⁴⁾ For paralleled device thermal resistance, the equivalent thermal resistance
for each device is (Rth_ch/number of paralleled devices) + Rth_ha.