BrightLoop Converters Showcases High Performance DCDC Converters for All-Electric Motorsports with Gallium Nitride (GaN) On Board

BrightLoop Converters (BrightLoop) is a leading French power electronics company that specializes in high performance converters for the most demanding applications. Its main markets are motorsports, aeronautics, defense, and railway.

BrightLoop has built a significant track record in the high speed, high reliability motorsports segment since the introduction of hybrids in Formula-One and the ascension of the Formula-E championship. In 2020, BrightLoop was selected by the World Sporting Consulting (WSC) Group, the premier motorsport event and racing promotion organization overseeing Touring Car Racing (TCR) and ETCR (Electric Touring Car Racing) brands, as the sole supplier of DCDC converters for ETCR cars.

This case study shows how GaN power transistors from GaN Systems are one of the key components helping BrightLoop achieve high performance in its DCDC converters.

  • The current market situation
  • The product challenge
  • The product overview &  solution
  • Technical features
  • The results
  • Customer feedback

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