GaN Systems is now part of Infineon.

In October 2023, GaN Systems became part of Infineon Technologies, a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT, headquartered in Munich, Germany. With our joint expertise in providing superior solutions, we will leverage the full potential of GaN and pave the way for more energy-efficient solutions together.

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How you will benefit:

  • Access to broad portfolio of discrete and integrated MV and HV GaN products, including system enabling components (e.g. drivers, controllers).
  • Combined platform features leading GaN IP and the industry’s strongest R&D force to create highly innovative solutions and roadmap acceleration.
  • Best-in-class application know-how for creating new and improved systems, and with this competitive advantage for you.
  • We combine foundry partnerships and dual site in-house production, ready for 8’’, to secure customer supply.

What’s important to know:

  1. Maintaining business continuity is our top priority: Both Infineon and GaN Systems will continue to serve all customers.
  2. No changes in customer interaction for the time being.
  3. Customers can continue to rely on the contact persons who supported them before