Part NumberGS-065-150-1-D2
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ECAD Model

IDS150 A
RDS(on)10 mΩ
QG33 nC
Dimensions (mm)12.6 x 5.6


650V Enhancement Mode GaN Transistor

The GS-065-150-1-D2 is an enhancement mode gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon power transistor. The properties of GaN allow for high current, high voltage breakdown and high switching frequency. GaN Systems implements patented Island Technology® cell layout for high-current die performance & yield. These features combine to provide very high efficiency power switching.

  • Ultra-low FOM Island Technology® die
  • Easy gate drive requirements
  • Transient tolerant gate drive (-20 / +10 V)
  • Very high switching frequency (> 10 MHz)
  • Fast and controllable fall and rise times
  • Reverse current capability
  • Zero reverse recovery loss
  • Small 12.6 x 5.6 mm PCB footprint
  • RoHS 3 (6+4) compliant
  • Dual gate drive for optimized layout & paralleling


  • High efficiency power conversion
  • High density power conversion
  • AC-DC Converters
  • On Board Battery Chargers
  • Traction Drive
  • Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC
  • ZVS Phase Shifted Full Bridge
  • Half Bridge topologies
  • Synchronous Buck or Boost
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Industrial Motor Drives
  • Single and 3Φ inverter legs
  • Solar Power
  • Fast Battery Charging
  • DC-DC converter

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