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GaN Customer Solutions to Take Center Stage at APEC 2017

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Image: GaN Systems’ 99% efficient, 3 kW PFC reference design will be among the products, systems and demonstrations on display at APEC 2017.

GaN Systems to demonstrate wireless power transfer and a broad range of commercial power systems

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 16, 2017 – At the upcoming 2017 Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC 2017), in Tampa, Florida, visitors will see state-of-the-art gallium nitride (GaN) transistors in action. From March 27-29, in Booth #1501, GaN Systems will conduct live demonstrations of commercial systems that use GaN transistors in wireless power transfer and power module applications. This must-see event will also showcase customer-built, commercial systems that use GaN transistors to power a diverse range of applications, including DC/DC converters, energy storage systems, EV traction inverters, and more.

Among the new systems enabled by GaN transistors that will be demonstrated at GaN Systems’ Booth #1501, will be:

  • – A 150 W transmitter wirelessly powering an airborne drone in real-time, operating at 13.56 MHz
  • – A 5 to 10 kW half-bridge power block. Eight paralleled GaN transistors and a matching driver card, forming a complete building block for high power systems
  • – A detailed head-to-head comparison that shows how GaN outperforms SiC
  • – A best-in-class, AirFuel-compliant wireless transmitting platform capable of charging multiple phones, pads, and laptops, scalable and adaptable for use in toolboxes, factory robots and more

GaN Customer Solutions to Take Center Stage at APEC 2017

  • – An ultra-small, highly integrated 1 MHz LED driver, constructed using a GaN-enabled architecture

In addition to these demonstrations, visitors will see newly commercialized GaN transistor-powered systems, including:

  • – A 10 kW, 3-phase solar inverter over 100 times smaller than silicon-based designs
  • – A 99% efficient, 3 kW PFC reference design
  • – Demonstration boards from some of our leading semiconductor partners Analog Devices, Linear Technology and Peregrine Semiconductor
  • – A 48 V DC-DC demonstrator that shows outstanding efficiency, and is ideal for automotive and datacenter applications
  • – A 3-phase motor controller that operates at optimal efficiency
  • – A universal motherboard and daughterboard platform for easily evaluating GaN transistor performance in any half-bridge-based topology
  • – GaN-based motor drives for various applications ranging from 1.5 kW to 30 kW

Company representatives will be available at the exhibition to provide details about using gallium nitride transistors, and to describe the customers’ products on display.