GaN Systems Brings Amazing GaN Audio to Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats

GaN Systems Brings Amazing GaN Audio to Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats

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Reviewers agree that GaN Systems’ next-generation Class-D audio designs deliver near-perfect sonic reproduction and raise-the-bar in audio system performance

GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, today announced the launch of its 300W Audio Boost Converter SMPS at the 37th annual Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Houston. The 300W reference design, targeted for automotive, marine, motorcycle, and a broad range of 12VDC input applications, features a complete turnkey platform solution that accelerates time-to-market, delivering improved audio quality and smaller, more streamlined audio systems. GaN Systems audio solutions and customer products from Syng, Orchard Audio, Axign, and more are displayed at GaN Systems booth #1324.

The new 300W continuous, 500W peak power audio-grade SMPS reference design offers a complete solution with a wide-range DC supply voltage input of 9VDC to 16VDC, load dump rated, and operates seamlessly with GaN Systems +/-32VDC Dual-Rail output amplifier. Along with wide range DC supply voltage input, onboard common-mode AC line filter, and differential primary drive transformer topology, the platform also provides SCP, OCP, thermal, voltage protection, and auto recovery.

GaN Systems Brings Amazing GaN Audio to Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats

2022: The Year of GaN Audio

The value proposition for audio companies is clear: GaN delivers improved audio quality, smaller audio systems, more power, and streamlined designs with the elimination of heatsinks. A recent expert review of GaN Systems’ Class-D audio amplifier and companion SMPS in the April issue of AudioXpress, highlights GaN’s benefits, noting “the technology is not only enabling great sounding audio amplifiers but is also bound to completely disrupt the Class-D segment in high power ratings.”

Visitors at APEC can see first-hand the innovation and breadth of GaN Audio solutions, including the Syng Alpha Cell speaker, which was named one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, Orchard Audio’s groundbreaking Starkrimson Stereo Ultra amplifier and all-in-one Starkrimson Streamer Ultra, and Axign’s new 500W Heatsink-less Audio Amplifier. On display is GaN Systems’ GeN2 Class-D audio amplifier and companion power supply reference design, highlighting 96% efficiency amplifier and features a 20% overall size reduction in the power supply. Visitors can also get a sneak peek at the company’s upcoming Class-D amplifiers.

“It’s an exciting time in the audio industry where technological advances and consumer trends are driving rapid innovation and new user experiences,” said Rick Reigel, Vice President of Sales at GaN Systems. “GaN is powering that innovation. GaN Systems’ audio designs demonstrate the promise of GaN to deliver near-perfect sonic reproduction in smaller, lighter, and more powerful systems.”

For more information on GaN Systems’ new 300W Audio Boost Converter SMPS and new amplifier modules, visit us at APEC Booth #1324 or contact our sales channel partners.