Whitepaper Details Important GaN Systems’ Advantages in Class-D Audio

Whitepaper Details Important GaN Systems’ Advantages in Class-D Audio


Not all Class-D amplifier transistor approaches are the same as latest whitepaper shows comparing various GaN and Silicon devices

OTTAWA, Ontario, September 14, 2020 – GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, today released its newest whitepaper, “GaN in Class-D Audio: Advantages with GaN Systems – a Comparative Look,” which reviews the various GaN and Silicon transistor approaches in Class-D audio amplifier design techniques. The document identifies and compares the most popular GaN-based transistor and Silicon MOSFET solutions for high-performance Class-D amplifier applications, including the GaN Systems Class-D Amplifier and Companion SMPS Evaluation Kit.

Whitepaper Details Important GaN Systems’ Advantages in Class-D Audio

Download the whitepaper here.

As described in the whitepaper, GaN and Silicon solutions were assessed in many areas of differentiation: device parameters and characteristics, performance, application circuit complexity, and ease of manufacturing. Highlights from the comparative study show that the GaN Systems THD+N vs. Frequency Plot is virtually flat, indicating no increased distortion as the frequency is increased to 20kHz and beyond. Additionally, near-perfect switching waveforms demonstrate a virtually transparent replication of the audio output.

“Customer responses to our Class-D audio designs have been great,” says Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “Our ability to deliver very cost-effective solutions with high reliability transistors has enabled designers to create a new generation of innovative and affordable products that deliver unsurpassed audio performance in smaller form factors.”

Demand for high quality audio is fueling the growth of the Class-D audio amplifier market, which is expected to reach $4.92 billion by 2026 from $2.49 billion in 2018 according to Allied Market Research. With advancements in the semiconductor technology, including the use of GaN, Class-D amplifiers are now being used in more audio applications including home theaters, high power smart speakers, pro touring amplifiers, portable party speakers, automotive, marine and power sports.

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