GaN Systems Announces “GaN Systems Cup” 2021 Winners Honoring Rising Power Electronics Engineers

GaN Systems Announces “GaN Systems Cup” 2021 Winners Honoring Rising Power Electronics Engineers

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GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, released today the winners of the “GaN Systems Cup” China Power Supply Society (CPSS) design competition. Now in its seventh year, this annual competition challenges engineering students from China’s leading universities to design power electronics systems that are more efficient, use less energy, and fewer or smaller materials using GaN power transistors. Unveiled during the on-site finals and CPSS awards ceremony hosted at Chongqing University on November 12, 2021, 11 engineering teams were honored for their GaN-based designs.

“We are proud to sponsor this competition, which highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of engineering students in tackling ambitious power system designs using GaN,” said Paul Wiener, GaN Systems’ VP of Strategic Marketing. “The ceremony marks a culmination of their hard work throughout the year and the solutions they have created. It  highlights the future game-changers that will be solving critical power systems challenges as industries shift towards greener policies.”

“GaN Systems Cup” CPSS design competition is the highest-level college student competition in China’s power electronics field. The design challenge for 2021 was to develop a high efficiency, high power density wide output power supply design using GaN Systems GS-065-011-1-L transistors. Solutions had to meet several rigorous technical requirements.

Forty-one teams from 36 universities across the country enrolled in this year’s competition. Out of 30 teams that entered the preliminary round, 11 engineering teams received recognition. A Nanjing University of Science and Technology team was awarded the grand prize.  Two teams from Xihua University and Chongqing University won First Prize, three teams from PLA Naval University of Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics team, Shanghai University won Second Prize. Five teams from Beijing Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Yanshan University, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, and Southeast University won the Third Prize awards.

GaN Systems Announces “GaN Systems Cup” 2021 Winners Honoring Rising Power Electronics Engineers

2021 “GaN Systems Cup” finalists solutions on view for all to see.

The final teams’ presentations showed a high level of design and innovation to create their solutions. Each winner met the rigorous design requirements for performance indicators, output voltage stability, harmonics, input current ripple, and more.

The 2021 “GaN Systems Cup” was organized by Chongqing University and sponsored by GaN Systems, CPSS, the organization’s Science Popularization Working Committee, and Ningbo Xici Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Itech Electronics Co., Ltd. is the supplier of the test equipment.