Gaining the GaN Advantage is Easier Than Ever

Gaining the GaN Advantage is Easier Than Ever

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The increasing popularity of GaN solutions in power electronics has prompted many companies to rethink the way they build their power systems. In the last few years, GaN has proven to be reliable and pushing the boundaries in smaller, lighter, and more efficient power systems in data centers, automobiles, consumer electronics, renewable energy systems, and factories.

If you’re not using GaN today, you may be in risk of being left behind. Fortunately, there is a robust support infrastructure for design engineers. It’s easier than ever to implement GaN with a well-developed ecosystem and the many design tools and reference designs available.

GaN Systems recently unveiled several new evaluation boards – the latest with MinDCet, an innovative power semiconductor design house, for a 100V Half-Bridge evaluation kit.

Gaining the GaN Advantage is Easier Than Ever

The 100V Half-Bridge evaluation kit provides complete out-of-the-box testing capabilities for quick implementation.

This solution shows the ease-of-use, high performance, and flexibility of GaN transistor and driver combinations. The evaluation kit includes the MinDCet MDC901 GaN driver and two GaN Systems GS61008P E-mode GaN power transistors connected in a high-side, low-side configuration and all the necessary drive circuitry.

The 100V Half-Bridge evaluation kit is used to evaluate GaN in various converter applications including, highly efficient server PoL converters, high-voltage pulsers for MEMS (e.g., ultrasound transducers, MEMS switches), high precision motor control, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, and Class-D audio amplifiers.

This is just one of the growing number of resources from GaN Systems and partners including the new 100V High-Speed Half-Bridge Evaluation Board, IMS3 platform, and integrated power module evaluation kits.

You can visit the MinDCet page to purchase the 100V Half-Bridge evaluation kit. Click here for additional information about GaN Systems evaluation boards and modules.