HARMAN’s InfinityLab 65W Wall Charger is GaN-Powered

HARMAN’s InfinityLab 65W Wall Charger is GaN-Powered


HARMAN leverages GaN Systems’ transistors to create smaller, lighter, and more efficient power chargers

GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors, announced today that HARMAN’s InfinityLab InstantCharger 65W leverages the high performance advantages of GaN Systems transistors. HARMAN recently launched its line of InfinityLab small-sized and eco-friendly power accessories made with 90% recycled plastic. Many of the power accessories feature GaN power semiconductors.  HARMAN, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is admired by leading brands, audiophiles, musicians, and music lovers around the world, including AKG, Bang & Olufsen, Crown, HARMAN Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, and Revel.

HARMAN’s InfinityLab 65W Wall Charger is GaN-Powered

GaN Systems elevates the performance and value of chargers like this USB charger from HARMAN.

The powerful InstantCharger 65W features two USB ports, one USB-C supporting 65W PD charging, and USB-A supporting 15W charging. It can replace a laptop power adapter or multiple chargers. USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 ensures fast charging of USB-C laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices. Performance tests show charge times to achieve 50% charge for the following devices: 30 minutes for an iPhone 12, 40 minutes for a Samsung Galaxy S21, and 45 minutes for a MacBook Air.

In addition to faster charging times, the InstantCharger 65W is lightweight and compact. It offers high efficiency, intelligent power distribution, and auto-protection features, providing peace of mind and meeting optimal charging needs. The charger comes in a plastic-free, paper-based packaging that is fully recyclable.

“It’s clear that GaN is now the universal choice for chargers and adapters in the consumer market. And we see the same trajectory occurring in the data center, industrial, renewable, and electric vehicle markets. This HARMAN GaN charger is another example where engineers have demonstrated their preference to GaN Systems’ discrete transistors, which provide the best overall size and performance combination,” said Jim Witham, CEO GaN Systems.

GaN has become the transistor of choice in power electronics to deliver size, weight, efficiency, and cost advantages. Designers can turn to GaN Systems’ 65W QR Charger and 100W Dual USB-C Intelligent PD GaN Charger reference designs to capture these benefits. These turnkey designs provide a complete and simple-to-implement solution that shortens product development and time to market.

Download the reference design guides or contact GaN Systems for more information.