GaN Systems Extends Market Leadership with Next Generation Automotive-Qualified Transistors

GaN Systems Extends Market Leadership with Next Generation Automotive-Qualified Transistors


OTTAWA, Ontario, October 20, 2020GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors, today announced the release and availability of the first product in a family of new 650V, 60A transistors for the automotive market. The GS-065-060-5-T-A is designed to meet automotive reliability standards including AEC-Q101 qualification and GaN Systems’ AutoQual+™ testing and qualification. AutoQual+ is an enhanced AEC-Q test sequence based on the company’s collaboration with automotive partners to prove its transistors lifetimes exceed market requirements.

The new GaN transistor provides low RDS(on) (25 mΩ) and features a 60A IDS rating and GaN Systems’ high-performance GaNPX® packaging, which enables ultra-low inductance and best thermal resistance in a compact form factor. Leveraging these transistors, wide ranging automotive applications from onboard battery chargers, DC-DC converters, EV traction inverters, electronic power steering, and motor drives can benefit from high reliability and reductions in volume, weight, and cost.

GaN Systems Extends Market Leadership with Next Generation Automotive-Qualified Transistors

650V, 60A automotive transistors meet the rigorous performance, quality, and lifetime requirements of automotive customers

Meeting Automotive Reliability Requirements with AutoQual+

GaN Systems’ methodology for the qualification of its transistors is based upon a collaboration with select customers in the global automotive industry. This joint effort resulted in an enhanced test methodology, AutoQual+, using AEC-Q101 tests as a baseline and then adding additional tests that address GaN-specific wear-out mechanisms. The additional testing of AutoQual+ ensures GaN Systems’ power semiconductors are reliable and robust in the rigors of the automobile environment. As a result, GaN Systems products meet the lifetime requirements the automotive industry requires with demonstrated FIT rates much less than 1, setting new benchmarks in the GaN industry.

“GaN Systems transistors have been tried and tested through the AutoQual+ test methods, a testing regimen that stemmed from our many workshops with automotive partners,” said Dr. Maryam Abouie, Director of Reliability Engineering at GaN Systems. “The knowledge these experts provided, including sharing decades of experience of silicon failure mechanisms identified in field-based applications, was critical in the development of our qualification strategy and process.”

For more information, you can download the datasheet or contact GaN Systems and sales channel partners to purchase the transistors.

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