GaN Systems to Showcase High Performance GaN at Asia Charging Expo Spring 2023

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We welcome the opportunity to see you at the Asia Charging Expo, taking place at the Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 7, on March 14-16, where we’ll demonstrate our comprehensive fast-charging solutions for the consumer electronics industry at Booth B37-40.

ACE, held by, is one of the most influential power electronics technology exhibitions—gathering hundreds of industry-leading power electronic companies and attracting more than 5,000 professionals in engineering, business development, and procurement roles. The exhibition covers the latest technology developments in power transistors, third-generation semiconductors, passive components, fast and wireless charging for consumer electronics, and new energy applications.

GaN power transistors —now mainstream across multiple industries—are undeniably the next-generation power semiconductor technology, replacing silicon in power efficiency, size, weight, cost, and sustainability. The expanding size of smartphone displays and 5G adoption are increasing battery consumption, increasing overall charging time. OEMs in Asia are focusing on fast charging, in particular, as a key differentiator.

Our comprehensive line of GaN power transistors includes 650V and 100V, with operating currents ranging from 4A to 150A. To meet a wide range of power levels, thermal requirements, and performance targets, our transistors come in common PDFN form factors and the high performance GaNPX® embedded packages. We also have turnkey GaN-powered charger portfolio from 65W to 250W for the consumer electronics market.

Through our ongoing and close collaboration with worldwide consumer electronics brands, like Samsung, Dell, Razer, and Harman, we continue to enable faster design cycles and smaller, lighter, and more powerful, efficient chargers than ever before. For example:

280W AC Charger for Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptops

Smaller than Razer’s previous 230W charger, delivers more than 20% more output power, and is up to 50% smaller than legacy 280W gaming chargers. Using two GS-065-030-2-L, 650V, 30 A, 50mΩ, E-Mode GaN transistors. Each enclosed in a small, thermally efficient 8×8 mm PDFN package, the transistors can be switched at high frequency for maximum efficiency and power density. Learn More >


45W Charger for Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Ultra

Our leading discrete solution contributes to the slim and powerful 45W charger, delivering on the efficiency and fast charging promise of GaN. Nearly double the power of its predecessor, the charger sets a new benchmark in power density and efficiency while enabling super-fast charging. Learn More >


240W AC Charger for Dell™ Alienware X15 R1 Gaming Laptop

Uses GS-065-030-2-L, 650V, 30 A, 50mΩ, E-Mode GaN transistor. Enclosed in a small, thermally efficient 8×8 mm PDFN package, the transistor can be switched at high frequency for maximum efficiency and power density. The 240W charger is nearly the same size as its old 90W chargers, but with 2.7X more power packed into the same volume. Learn More >


HARMAN InfinityLab 100W 4 USB InstantCharger

Leverages GaN Systems’ GS-065-011-1-L 650V E-Mode GaN transistor to deliver the ultimate lightweight power adapter that safely charges up to four devices simultaneously. Learn More >

We hope to see you at the Asia Charging Expo! Please visit to learn more.