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Article: "Achieving Data Center Energy Efficiency: Solutions Must Be Widely Adopted" - Part 1

Article: “Achieving Data Center Energy Efficiency: Solutions Must Be Widely Adopted” – Part 1

With as much as 40 percent of the total operational costs for a data center coming from the energy needed to power and cool its racks of servers, energy inefficiencies encountered in power conversation are not to be overlooked. Data centers are now firmly established as a cornerstone of today’s global economy. They allow for…

GaN vs SiC chart

SiC vs GaN Head-to-Head Performance Comparison

A lot of engineers don’t have a good feel for how gallium-nitride FETs perform compared to silicon-carbide equivalents. So GaN Systems devised two 650-V, 15-A switching supplies using SiC and GaN to see how they compared. In an interview conducted by WTWH Media’s Lee Teschler, Jim Witham explains the differences that emerged in this head-to-head…

GaN Systems Releases New High Power Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) Evaluation Platform

GaN Systems Releases New High Power Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) Evaluation Platform

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, December 14, 2017 – GaN Systems, the global leader of GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, announced the launch and availability of its Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) Evaluation Platform, which provides a flexible, low cost, high power development platform for high-efficiency power systems with 3kW or higher applications. The IMS Evaluation Platform, in combination…

台達與BMW i VENTURES一起參與加入作為GaN Systems公司的策略投資者

台達與BMW i VENTURES一起參與加入作為GaN Systems公司的策略投資者

2017年12月11日,加拿大安大略省渥太華 – 作為全球氮化鎵功率半導體行業的領先企業GaN Systems公司日前宣布,全球電源系統行業的領導者 台達已決定與BMW i Ventures一起參與加入作為GaN Systems公司的策略投資者。GaN Systems公司計劃利用這筆新投入的資金來拓展全球銷售通路並加速新產品的創新,以幫助客戶降低整體系統成本,增加營業額並擴張市場的佔有率。 今天的新聞發布是繼BMW i Ventures,BDC Capital,Chrysalix Venture Capital,Cycle Capital Management,RockPort Capital和Tsing Capital等知名策略投資者之後的最新投資訊息。 BMW i Ventures公司常務董事Uwe Higgen表示:“這項投資重申了GaN Systems公司正在創造最節能的電力電子與電源系統的未來發展,繼續不懈努力。 同時也正在開創一種新的方式來設計和創造更輕,更小的電源系統,同時提供更有效和最可靠的電源轉換技術。 GaN Systems公司的首席執行官Jim Witham表示:“在過去的十年中,GaN Systems公司已經實現了將公司經營成為全球最大的氮化鎵功率晶體管製造商和全球氮化鎵功率器件市場領先廠商的目標。我們很榮幸有台達加入我們作為一個策略性的企業投資者。有著台達和BMW i Ventures的策略投資合作夥伴,這是一個巨大的信心,能將GaN Systems公司的技術領先地位與策略投資者相結合,而正在朝著解決電力轉換浪費能源的普遍問題邁出重要的一步。 這項策略合作投資,將是GaN Systems公司的特殊一年且是重要的里程碑,將與客戶一起歷經市場的快速增長,尤其是Notebook電源適配器,計算機伺服器電源和工業電機馬達控制應用的需求日益增長。GaN Systems公司的解決方案使致力於開發更高效率的電力電子與電源系統,以減少全球的電力能源消耗。透過更高效能的系統開發,能夠提供最先進的解決方案應用在消費電子,數據中心,工業控制,電動車運輸和無線充電市場。 對於GaN Systems公司,我們的策略投資合作夥伴不論是台達和BMW i Ventures,以及我們在世界各地的客戶 – 共同的目標是透過解決他們的電力電源系統的挑戰改變當今一些最苛刻的行業的經濟。 關於GaN Systems公司 GaN Systems公司是GaN功率半導體領域的全球領先企業,擁有最多元的產品組合,能夠滿足當今要求最苛刻的行業(包括數據中心伺服器,可再生能源系統,汽車,工業電機和消費電子產品)的需求。 作為市場領先的創新者,GaN Systems公司的多元產品提供可以設計更小,更低成本,更高效率的電源轉換系統成為可能。 該公司屢獲殊榮的多元產品提供了系統輕薄小的設計機會,擺脫了以往Silicon晶體管的限制。 透過改變晶體管的特性與性能的規則,GaN Systems公司正支持專業的電源設計公司徹底改變他們的行業,改變世界。 欲了解更多信息,請訪問, 或Facebook,Twitter和LinkedIn。

台達與BMW i VENTURES一起參與加入作為GaN Systems公司的策略投資者


OTTAWA, Ontario, December 11, 2017 – GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors, has announced that Delta, the worldwide leader in power systems, has joined BMW i Ventures in participation of a strategic investment in GaN Systems. GaN Systems plans to use the funding to expand global sales and accelerate product innovation to…

The Top 2018 Trends Impacting the World’s Power and Energy Footprint - Challenges Will Be Met by A Wave of Power Systems Designed to Be Lighter, Smaller, and More Efficient

The Top 2018 Trends Impacting the World’s Power and Energy Footprint – Challenges Will Be Met by A Wave of Power Systems Designed to Be Lighter, Smaller, and More Efficient

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, December 6, 2017 – Power – creating more efficient uses is one of the most pressing challenges in the 21st century. We live in an increasingly data and energy driven world that is following a clear trajectory of increasing reliance on and proliferation of data centers, electric vehicles, renewable energy, powerful industrial motors,…

"It Ain’t So Hard…" by Larry Spaziani

“It Ain’t So Hard…” by Larry Spaziani

GaN is seen as a new technology in a new package with new characteristics. While it may not be new to some, for those who are unfamiliar to GaN’s innovation, the clock’s ticking and their competitors are developing systems with GaN. For some people, the fear of the unknown is intimidating at best. These individuals…


Global Leaders Collaborate on GaN Technology

OTTAWA, Ontario – October 2, 2017 – The world is challenged with unsustainable increases in power consumption, combating climate change, implementing cleantech technologies and meeting green, CO2 reduction initiatives. Taiwanese electronics manufacturers work at the forefront of these efforts. To meet these challenges, GaN Systems, the world’s leading provider of gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors,…

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Gallium Nitride Sets Innovation Bars Higher

The following article, written by Mathew Dirjish, originally appeared in Sensors Online. Silicon has been the mainstay of semiconductor fabrication for as long as one can remember. It is the meat of transistors, OP amps, microprocessors, MCUs, PLCs, and numerous other devices. The material has proven more than viable and reliable and will be with…

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Ottawa tech firm GaN Systems revved up about BMW investment

This article, written by David Sali, was originally published in the Aug. 25th issue of the Ottawa Business Journal. Kanata company’s next-generation semiconductor technology attracts multimillion-dollar injection of equity led by German automaker A Kanata firm that makes transistors that help electric and autonomous vehicles run more efficiently has landed millions in funding from one…