GaN Transistor Evaluation Boards And Reference Designs

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Evaluation UnitDescriptionPower LevelTransistor

100 V GaN E-HEMT FB EVB Optimized for Class D Amplifiers225 WGS61004B
GS61008P-EVBHF100 V GaN E-HEMT Synchronous Buck Converter240 WGS61008P
GS66508B-EVBDB1650 V GaN E-HEMT Daughter Board1.5 kWGS66508B
GS66508T-EVBDB2650 V GaN E-HEMT Daughter board2 kWGS66508T
GS66516T-EVBDB2650 V GaN E-HEMT Daughter board2.5 kW GS66516T
GSP65RXXHB-EVBHigh Power IMS Evaluation Platform7 kW GS66516B
GS665MB-EVB650 V Universal MotherboardN/AGS66502B
GSWP050W-EVBPA50W, 6.78MHz Class EF2 Power Amplifier For Wireless Power Transfer50WGS61004B
GSWP100W-EVBPA100W, 6.78 MHz Class EF2 Power Amplifier For Wireless Power Transfer100WGS61008P
GSWP300W-EVBPA300W, 6.78 MHz Class EF2 Power Amplifier For Wireless Power Transfer300WGS66508B
Reference DesignDescriptionPower LevelTransistor
GS665BTP-REFHigh efficiency bridgeless totem pole PFC reference design using GaN E-HEMT3 kW GS66516T