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140W PFC + DS QR PD3.1 Charger reference design

Description and Specifications

  • Input voltage: 90V-264Vac
  • Output Voltage and Current: SPR: 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V5A; EPR:28V5A
  • Passes EN55032 Class B conducted and radiated EMI
  • Meets IEC 62368-1 touch temperature requirement
  • Includes OVP, OCP, SCP system protection
  • Supports protocols: PD3.1, PPS, QC5.0, AFC, UFCS, etc.
  • Single USB-C port

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading power density: 23W/in3
  • Full load efficiency: >94.2%
  • Cost effective, high frequency, 2-stage power topology
    • Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC (BTPPFC) + Dual Switch QR Flyback
  • Compared to complex 3-stage LLC-based designs:
    • Same efficiency performance
    • Quicker time-to-market with traditional flyback transformer design and reduced component count
    • Reduced no-load, standby power consumption: <150mW
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