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GaN Systems is the place electronics designers go to realize all the benefits of gallium nitride in their power conversion and control applications. To overcome silicon’s limitations in switching speed, temperature, voltage and current, the company develops the most complete range of gallium nitride power switching transistors for consumer, datacenter, industrial and transportation markets. GaN Systems’ unique Island Technology® addresses today’s challenges of cost, performance, and manufacturability resulting in devices that are smaller and more efficient than other GaN design approaches. A fabless power semiconductor company, GaN Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

The Company also leverages existing multi-sourced manufacturing processes due to its transportable, fabless model, and through additional innovations, makes it easy to incorporate gallium nitride into any design. GaN Systems is run by a seasoned semiconductor team with decades of industry experience and a track record of repeated success. The Company stands to do more for gallium nitride adoption in power conversion than any other.


Winning the Google Little Box Challenge

Google and the IEEE Power Electronics Society challenged EEs to design an inverter with power density > 50 W/cubic inch in under 40 cubic inches. GaN Systems transistors powered two-thirds of the finalists’ designs, including the $1,000,000 winning design, which produced a power density of 143 W/cubic inch in 14 cubic inches. 10 times more compact than any commercially available inverter!

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Cool Options

Top-side cooling vs Bottom-side cooling

GaN Systems devices are available in both Top-side cooling and Bottom-side cooling packages.

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