GaN Systems Launches Videos Series Exploring the 'Mobility (R)Evolution'

GaN Systems Launches Videos Series Exploring the ‘Mobility (R)Evolution’

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, July 26, 2018 – GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors today released ‘The Mobility (R)Evolution,’ a three-part online video series that explores the ways new technologies for electrification and autonomous driving are enabling the auto industry to evolve rapidly into a sustainable mobility ecosystem.


The first installment of the series is a fascinating discussion between Jim Witham, CEO at GaN Systems, and Uwe Higgen, Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures, as they delve into these technologies in depth, especially in the areas of power and efficiency, and potential impact on the entire ecosystem from charging networks, renewable energy sources, data centers, and manufacturing.


“Few businesses can rival the global automobile industry in the way that it has shaped and reflected important social, cultural, and economic trends. And at no time in the industry’s history has that dynamic been more pronounced than today,” said Jim Witham, CEO at GaN Systems.


“The increasing pace of technology integration in vehicles, along with the advent of the new mobility ecosystem, has entirely changed the playing field for both historic brand leaders and their challengers,” said Uwe Higgen. “GaN Systems is creating power semiconductors that greatly increase energy conversion efficiency creating significant impact not only on electric vehicles, but on the growth and performance of charging stations, the availability and use of renewable energy, and the energy efficient operation of data centers that will be processing information from autonomous vehicles.”


Join Jim Witham and Uwe Higgen on the ‘The Mobility (R)Evolution’ video series as they sit down and talk about the ways that technologies, human needs, and new businesses are intersecting as the auto industry seeks to evolve into a more sustainable mobility ecosystem.


The three-part series features:


The series is available to watch today on and YouTube.

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