InfoComm 2023 Key Take-Aways

InfoComm 2023 Key Takeaways


Growth is Back, Innovation is Intense, and Sustainability is Trending

One of the most impactful key takeaways from the recent InfoComm 2023 was the clear evidence of growth and expansion in the AV industry. With 29,325 verified registrants hailing from 115 countries, this year’s attendance reflected a nearly 2X increase over the previous year.  The industry is expanding rapidly, both in scale and geographical reach. 37% of this year’s attendees were experiencing InfoComm for the first time, indicating a significant inflow of new blood and interest in our industry. International attendees represented about 20% of the attendance.  On the trade show floor, 700 exhibitors showcased pro-AV products and solutions across 358,700 net square feet in the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center.

InfoComm 2023 Key Take-Aways

At InfoComm, technological innovations ranged from AR and VR to AI, virtual production, and next-generation audio. Key themes that caught our eye included:

  • Pro AV Market Growth: Pro AV appears to be back on track for consistent growth over the next five years, with industry experts suggesting it will exceed pre-pandemic levels. According to AVIXA, the Pro AV market will usher in $307 billion in 2023 and add nearly $100 billion more in annual revenue by 2028. The most significant contributions to this growth projection come from a return to shopping, traveling, learning, and entertainment outside of the home.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI, of course, was a major theme at InfoComm with major self-service and kiosk applications, along with QSR and restaurant service innovations (including drive-through screens). AI is also helping with many production elements across the audiovisual spectrum, making it easier, faster, and cheaper to optimize your content or broadcast on the fly with an ever-smaller team, thanks to AI integrations.
  • The Future of Audio: Many demos reflected the acceleration toward IP infrastructure and immersive audio. GaN is increasingly becoming entrenched in audio, and interest was high in our comprehensive solution set of GaN-based turnkey amplifier designs, power supplies, and boost converters. These robust GaN solutions allow audio systems designers across auto, home, and professional markets to mix and match designs to maximize performance for their specific applications. One company indicated that while commercial spaces are becoming increasingly refined and high-end, audio products must catch up.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability has been a hot topic for quite a while, and it was on full display at InfoComm 2023. From digital signage to low-power displays to simple packaging changes, it was refreshing to see that the industry is making great strides to reduce its carbon footprint. We stopped at various booths to hear how different exhibitors responded to the call for sustainability. There was a range of answers, from suppliers who have reduced the use of single-use plastic and simplified packaging to manufacturers who have integrated features into their displays to manage power consumption to distributors who certify that the suppliers they work with have sustainable practices in place.

Also noteworthy was adding a new award category this year – Most Innovative Sustainable Product Strategy. The Samsung Environmental Strategy and PPDS Philips Tableaux solutions were the first winners. Several companies commented that improving efficiency and reducing power consumption is now part of their design philosophy, with the goal leaning towards environmental sustainability thanks to smaller, lighter, and more efficient amplifiers.

  • Flat-Out Fun: While there are many technologies at InfoComm 2023, the real-time experience at The Unreal Ride—a virtual production experience presented by Vū, Unilumin, and MRMC – was flat-out fun. Designed to take you on a completely immersive journey through a virtual world while offering a final product that looks as real as any Jeep adventure. Participants experienced a blend of physical and virtual worlds through innovations in virtual production technology, including advanced LED panels, a motion-controlled camera, camera tracking, fantastic audio, and virtual environments. The Jeep had wind blowing through the dashboard to give you the feel of driving on the open road. Tunes were pumping loudly, and with trees and a sunny sky shining created by Unreal Engine, you were quickly transported into what felt like a real adventure.

InfoComm 2023 was a fantastic exhibition, and we’re happy to see such significant growth in attendance this year. We look forward to seeing the next set of noteworthy innovations at InfoComm 2024, which will be held in Las Vegas in June at the Las Vegas Convention Center!