GaN Systems Showcases Smaller, Lighter, and More Efficient Power Electronics Driving Technology Innovation at CES® 2020

(Next Generation Automotive Powered by GaN Power Electronics at CES 2020)

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, December 10, 2019GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, today announced that it will be showcasing at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the most recent technology innovations addressing smaller size, higher functionality, autonomy and cost saving solutions for power adapters, robots, drones, handheld electronics and electric vehicles.

Looking forward in 2020 and beyond, the need for portability, autonomy and energy efficiency is increasing at a rapid pace. GaN (gallium nitride) has become an important building block for power electronics – solving design challenges, driving robust growth and innovation with products that are 4X smaller, 4X lighter, and exhibit 4X less energy loss, and enabling companies to establish and maintain leadership positions in their industries.

GaN Systems is the leader in providing the solutions required for today’s power system requirements. Using GaN power semiconductors ushers in entirely new energy efficient levels and products capable of transforming the future such as bringing about lighter and longer-range electric cars, better navigation and sensing in autonomous vehicles, devices without power cords, and smaller, multi-functional power adapters.

At CES 2020, visit GaN Systems at Tech East, Renaissance Hospitality Suites (next to the Las Vegas Convention Center). GaN Systems will be demonstrating the latest designs in power supply, portable adapter, audio amplifier, wireless power, automotive solutions and more.
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About GaN Systems

GaN Systems is the global leader in GaN power semiconductors with the largest portfolio of transistors that uniquely address the needs of today’s most demanding industries including data center servers, renewable energy systems, automotive, industrial motors and consumer electronics.

As a market-leading innovator, GaN Systems makes possible the design of smaller, lower cost, more efficient power systems. The company’s award-winning products provide system design opportunities free from the limitations of yesterday’s silicon. By changing the rules of transistor performance, GaN Systems is enabling power conversion companies to revolutionize their industries and transform the world. For more information, please visit: or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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