GaN Systems Launches New Products and Provides GaN Design  Expertise at China’s PEAC Power Conference

GaN Systems Launches New Products and Provides GaN Design Expertise at China’s PEAC Power Conference

Company to Showcase New Products, Expanded Line of Design Tools, and Half Day Tutorial Focused on “Ease-Of-Use”

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, October 30, 2018 – GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, today announced the details of its participation at the IEEE International Power Electronics and Application Conference and Exposition (PEAC), an international event focused on power electronics, energy conversion, and applications taking place in Shenzhen, China on November 4-7, 2018. GaN Systems will announce and display new products and design tools at the conference and will be providing customer demonstrations. Representatives from GaN Systems will be presenting two industry sessions and one tutorial session during the conference. Additionally, GaN Systems, the sponsor of the GaN Systems Cup Challenge design competition, will announce the winners at the awards ceremony at PEAC.

Solutions & Design Tools

At PEAC, GaN Systems will introduce new products and design tools that include:

  • GaN Systems Launches New Products and Provides GaN Design Expertise at China’s PEAC Power Conference

    GaN Systems GS-065 low current PQFN series

    The NEW GS-065 low current (4A to 11A) GaN Systems’ line, which, combined with the EZDrive TM circuit, eliminates the need for a discrete or integrated driver, making it easy to implement and reduce system costs. This solution for sub-1kW power is perfect for many applications including gaming and workstation laptop AC adapters, TV power, LED lighting, and wireless power systems.

  • Image of a GaN Systems 50 W wireless power amplifier

    GaN Systems 50 W wireless power amplifier

    A NEW 50 W wireless power amplifier expands the line of GaN Systems’ solutions ideal in wireless power transfer and charging applications that encompass the 100 W power amplifier and 300 W power amplifier products. The new power amplifier is targeted for lower power applications in consumer, industrial, and automotive markets for items such as handheld electronics, power tools, toys, household, robots, drones, and scooters.

  • GaN Systems Launches New Products and Provides GaN Design Expertise at China’s PEAC Power Conference

    GaN Systems’ Circuit Simulation Tool offers new PLECS® simulation models

    Two NEW PLECS ® simulation models for 3-Phase Traction Inverter and Single-Phase T-Type 3-Level Inverter designs will be available on GaN Systems’ Circuit Simulation Tool. This platform helps power designers quickly and easily tune parameters to suit their design goals and see the results in real time.

“We continue to listen to our customers and provide the industry-leading solutions they need to be successful whether they are creating high frequency wireless products or maximizing output in a power system. Having the right tools and resources shorten design times and increase system performance,” says Paul Wiener, VP of Strategic Marketing for GaN Systems.

GaN Systems provides a comprehensive line of solutions that encompass both the 100V and 650V product ranges as well as a multitude of design resources that help companies in the consumerdata centerindustrial, and automotive industries take advantage of GaN benefits around size, weight, power, and system cost.

Speaker Sessions

4-Nov-1813:45- 17:15T8Juncheng (Lucas) Lu, GaN SystemsOpportunities and Design Considerations Tutorial for GaN HEMTs in Industrial and Automotive Applications
7-Nov-188:30- 9:00IS7.8.1Leyang Yang, GaN SystemsHigh Power Density Adapters with GaN.
7-Nov-189:00- 9:30IS7.7.2Tiefeng Shi, GaN SystemsHigh Efficiency Wireless Power with GaN

“GaN Systems Cup”

GaN Systems is once again sponsoring the distinguished China Power Supply Society (CPSS) design competition. The “GaN Systems Cup” is currently underway with many top engineering teams participating from leading universities throughout China. Winning teams will be announced at the awards ceremony held during PEAC on November 4, 2018. The “GaN Systems Cup” continues to promote and build excitement in the advancement of power electronic systems leveraging the benefits of GaN transistors.

For more information, please visit or come see GaN Systems at PEAC.