GaN Systems and PowerSphyr Advance Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Wireless Power Solutions

GaN Systems and PowerSphyr Advance Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Wireless Power Solutions

Danville, California and Ottawa, Canada July 5, 2022GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, and PowerSphyr Inc., a worldwide leader in wireless energy for industrial and automotive applications, today announced their collaboration to deliver an industry-first portfolio of end-to-end wireless power solutions (30-Watt, 100-Watt, and 500-Watt) for industrial and automotive applications worldwide. The new portfolio, combined with new and enhanced levels of customer service and support, provides industrial and automotive customers with an easy path to obtain the most compact, wireless power solutions with industry-leading performance and cost.

GaN Systems and PowerSphyr Advance Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Wireless Power Solutions

The development builds on a multi-year strategic partnership to bring customers state-of-the-art GaN-based wireless power systems. The partnership combines PowerSphyr’s years of power technology expertise and GaN Systems’ industry-leading GaN semiconductors. For example, PowerSphyr is now implementing GaN Systems’ power semiconductors on the receiver of the wireless charging solution in addition to the transmitter. The combination is a game-changer in delivering easy-to-use, high-performance, and completely wireless charging solutions—the ongoing collaboration results in continuous innovation of hardware and firmware solutions that adhere to wireless charging standards. 

“Our combined efforts will bring cutting edge solutions, as well as comprehensive service and support, to our industrial and automotive clients,” said Will Wright, CEO of PowerSphyr. “GaN Systems and PowerSphyr are aligned around our strategic vision to pioneer new and advanced wireless charging solutions. By partnering with GaN Systems, with their proven ability to rapidly deliver a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class GaN power semiconductors, and PowerSphyr’s expertise in wireless power system design, we will enter a new stage of wireless power.” 

GaN-based wireless power solutions enable higher device placement, spatial freedom, and more extensive air gaps between transmitter and receiver. GaN transistors are optimal for maximizing efficiency in applications from 30W up to several kilowatts – far more significant than what is possible with traditional silicon solutions.

“Our expertise in GaN power semiconductors combined with PowerSphyr’s proven portfolio of wireless power technologies is changing the game in wireless power charging,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “Today’s announcement is pivotal as industrial and automotive customers can get high-performance wireless charging technologies powered by GaN and a full suite of service and support offerings. This will accelerate our customers’ momentum, ease of use, and time-to-market.”

The financial terms of the partnership are not being disclosed at this time.

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