Article: Here's why GaN-based chargers are growing in popularity

Article: Here’s why GaN-based chargers are growing in popularity


Interest in GaN power chargers is at an all-time high

Article: Here's why GaN-based chargers are growing in popularity

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By Jim Witham, CEO GaN Systems

GaN (gallium nitride) power chargers had a significant presence at CES in 2020 – signalling that this year will see widespread interest and adoption in these smaller, faster charging, and more energy efficient devices. Halfway through the year, there is a lot of evidence this is the case. The proliferation in numbers and unprecedented levels of use of the average consumer’s electronic devices has placed market pressure for a more effective and practical design solution from the industry.

With the average American household now containing at least five connected electronic devices and adults alone spending more than six hours per day with digital media, there is a significant increase in expectations around charging capabilities and performance.

GaN technology is uniquely positioned to deliver on this market opportunity – exceeding legacy silicon semiconductor solutions. That’s good news for the innovation reputation of the global market for chargers that is forecasted to reach $25 billion by 2022.

There are several trends in the marketplace that demonstrate that GaN chargers are moving from a once niche position to the mainstream standard, while also being positioned to deliver on future advances in device design, performance, and energy efficiency.

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