audioXpress: GaN Technology in Audio Amplification

Now on store shelves and in your digital hands, the April 2022 issue of audioXpress is here. Stuart Yaniger looks at the possibilities with GaN amplifiers as he reviews a Class-D amplifier and switched-mode power supply evaluation kit from GaN Systems.

In this article, he shares his explorations of the features and benefits of GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, and explains why the technology is not only enabling great sounding audio amplifiers but is also bound to completely disrupt the Class-D segment in high power ratings. Yaniger’s article includes extensive measurements of this extremely efficient two-channel, 200W per channel (8 ohm) Class-D audio amplifier and companion 400W, continuous power audio-grade SMPS. Clearly targeted at developers, this evaluation board is a complete programmable resource that allows testing multiple input configurations, and offers complete understanding of the amplifier’s performance potential with and without feedback loops from the output stage to the controller.

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