GaN Systems named the Annual Excellent GaN Semiconductor Brand by 21Dianyuan

GaN Systems Recognized as Innovative Leader Accelerating Technological Advancement of GaN Solutions

Recently, 21Dianyuan, one of China’s most influential publications in the power electronics field, introduced the First Annual Power Supply Supporting Brand Awards created to accelerate power technology advancement in China, recognizing companies devoted to the power electronics industry.

We are thrilled to announce that GaN Systems have been named the Annual Excellent GaN Power Semiconductor Brand for its industry-leading achievements technology innovations, product quality and reliability, and enterprise growth. 21Dianyuan noted that it received submissions from over 130 global companies.

Over the past decade, GaN Systems has been the front-runner in developing high-performance, industry-leading GaN technology solutions for multiple market segments, including data center, electric vehicle, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. The company’s unrivaled success has been accomplished by uniquely solving some of the most pressing and critical power systems challenges around energy efficiency and design in these industries.

The shift towards GaN has been happening for a while now as its benefits of creating lighter, smaller, lower cost, and more efficient power systems have been demonstrated and acknowledged. This is not only reflected by industry awards but the market demand for and adoption of GaN from companies across the globe.

A convergence of trends is driving the need to solve critical power systems challenges as electricity demand grows and we adjust to rapid technological change. Companies and their customers (and employees) emphasize increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste – especially in power-reliant areas such as data centers, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and consumer electronics. Knowing this, GaN Systems strives to continually raise the bar on GaN transistors, working with design engineers to push the boundaries of power design innovation.

Since 2008, 21Dianyun has been dedicated to facilitating the development of the power electronics industry in China, acting as one of the most important channels for information and knowledge exchanges. Through its digital platforms and seminars across over 50 cities, including Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, 21Dianyuan connects more than one million industry professionals, academia, research experts, and students pursuing electrical engineering or related degrees.

“It is an honor to be recognized as the Annual Power Supply Supporting Brand by 21Dianyuan. GaN Systems strives to raise the bar on GaN power semiconductors, pushing the boundaries of power design innovation. Our lineup of award-winning GaN-powered solutions have been proven efficient and reliable by our customers in the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets,” stated Kevin Lin, Senior Director of GaN Systems China.