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Turnkey Closed Loop Analog Class-D Amplifier Module

This self-contained 200 watt-per-channel Class-D amplifier module is designed for manufacturers of powered loudspeakers and stand-alone stereo and multi-channel amplifiers. With the new GaN Systems GS-EVM-AUD-AMPCL1-GS a heat sink is not required under normal conditions. Thermal protection is provided for worst-case thermal environments, and 96% efficiency reduces heat and system size.

Features & Benefits 

  • High-performance Class-D Audio Amplifier reference design
  • Enables smaller and more efficient Class-D audio systems
  • Superior sounding and very high audio quality
  • Reduction in system size and weight
  • 200W / Channel x 4 into 8Ω
  • 300W / Channel x 2  into 4Ω
  • Analog integrated I2S and S/PDIF Audio Inputs
  • Frequency response of +/- 0.5dB
  • +/- 32VDC Power Supply requirement
  • Fully programmable and integrated DSP solution
  • SNR & DR higher than 108dB
  • “THD+N” less than 0.006%
  • No heat sink required
  • Efficiency higher than 96%
  • Safe and stable design with graceful protection features against harmful failures
  • Reliable design with Auto recovery features
  • Easy attachment to Chassis
  • Compatible with GaN Systems SMPS GS-EVB-AUD-SMPS2-GS complete LLC design + PFC SMPS that provides 20% volume shrink and 5% BoM cost reduction.