NAMM 2023

GaN Systems Showcases Revolutionary Class D Amplifiers at NAMM 2023—Ushering in the Next-Generation of Audio

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GaN power semiconductors are transforming the audio market with superior sounding, higher-performance, smaller, and more efficient Class-D audio systems

OTTAWA, Canada – April 10, 2023 – GaN Systems, a global leader in GaN power semiconductors, announced it is showcasing industry-first GaN-powered innovations at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2023, in Anaheim, California, on April 13-16. NAMM is a significant show that has brought together manufacturers and equipment dealers in the music and audio industries for more than 100 years.

GaN Systems Showcases Revolutionary Class D Amplifiers at NAMM 2023—Ushering in the Next-Generation of Audio

At NAMM, GaN Systems will present GaN-powered advances in the professional, prosumer, and consumer markets that demonstrate astounding audio quality, higher power density systems, and streamlined designs without heatsinks.

GaN Systems Showcasing at NAMM:

  • Professional series amplifier from AudioControl. Groundbreaking audio amplifier platform from AudioControl, which leverages GaN Systems’ power semiconductors. “The performance achieved from the CM Series 70-volt amplifier platform is nothing short of astonishing,” explained Alex Camara, AudioControl CEO. “These amps have redefined the value proposition.”
  • Best-sounding consumer Wi-Fi Speakers from Daniel Hertz. Founded by legendary Mark Levinson, these Daniel Hertz high-performance Wi-Fi speakers enable pure analog sound from digital content. This new powered design offers Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and accepts external power amplification, leveraging Daniel Hertz’s famous C Wave technology to provide the performance of a much larger speaker with low-frequency response extending to 28Hz and up to 118dB SPL in stereo across the audio band.
  • 500W GaN streaming amplifier from Orchard Audio. Orchard Audio’s all-in-one Starkrimson Streamer Ultra benefits from GaN Systems transistors, providing the perfect blend of performance and power for Class-D audio applications. The amplifier delivers up to 500W RMS (1,000W peak) of power and 20A current while maintaining low noise and distortion. It also offers an enormous reserve of power for extended transients. It expands linearly with the load: 125 watts into 16 ohms, 250 watts into 8 ohms, and 500 watts into 4 ohms for powerful, unrestrained music.
  • Series of reference designs and turnkey amplifier modules for fast time-to-market. GaN Systems provides a wide range of ready-to-go boards, including:
    • 200W per channel x 2 into 8Ω Stereo Class-D Amplifier
    • 50W per channel x 4 into 8Ω, Open Loop Digital Class-D Amplifier
    • 200W per channel into 8Ω, Closed Loop Analog Class-D Amplifier
    • 400W LLC Switched Mode Power Supply w/PFC
    • 210W Audio Boost Converter, 9-16VDC Input, +/-26VDC Dual-Rail Output
    • 300W Audio Boost Converter, 9-16VDC Input, +/-32VDC Dual-Rail Output
  •  GaN Systems, in cooperation with Axign, will show the 1000W Class-D audio amplifier, Dubbed “Coolest” due as it runs cool, delivers 1000W 1 Ohm PBTL at 50V or 2 Ohm PBTL at 70V without a heatsink, and as it’s simply a “cool” design.
  • Fast-charging GaN chargers and adapters from industry-leading OEMs such as Samsung, Dell, Razer, Philips, and HARMAN. GaN power transistors elevate the performance and utility of consumer electronics devices by reducing size and system cost, increasing power efficiency, and enabling smaller and sleeker designs.

Experience GaN Systems at NAMM in booth #11128. Contact us today at NAMM 2023 | Events for GaN Transistors | GaN Systems to reserve an appointment at the show to get an insider’s look at what we have planned for the remainder of the year.