Heavy industry is strong sector for GaN power semiconductors.

Listen: “Super Semiconductors” on the Energy Cast Podcast


This week GaN Systems‘ CEO Jim Witham appeared on the Energy Cast Podcast, a program focused on exciting technology and energy advancements. Listen to it here or on the podcast app of your choice.

I’ll admit, I didn’t really know the difference between microprocessor semiconductors (Intel/AMD) and the power semiconductors developed by this week’s guest. Both models have used silicon and in one case, both are used in data centers.

Ottawa-based GaN Systems has developed next-generation power transistors using gallium nitride technology. First developed in the 1990s, GaN transistors helped usher in the LED era when blue LEDs where invented. This is also where Blu-ray players get their name.

GaN semiconductors are notable for their fast-switching capability. According to Jim Witham, our guest and GaN Systems CEO, “Fast switching is important because it reduces power loss as it makes things more efficient.”

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