GaN Systems Shatters "Dollars per Watt" Barrier with New AC/DC Reference Design

GaN Systems Shatters “Dollars per Watt” Barrier with New AC/DC Reference Design

3kW BTP-PFC + LLC Resonant Converter design highlights the highest efficiency and power density solution at lower cost than traditional silicon solutions

How does a hyperscale data center save more than $400 million annually in energy costs? How are we reducing energy consumption in data and energy-intensive industries like 5G and crypto mining and contributing to a more sustainable future?

The answer is GaN. With a greater than 10% increase in data center growth expected in 2021 and the market poised to grow at a CAGR of 21% to $519.34 billion in 2025, the immediate need to change data center economics with efficient and reliable power supply design has never been more evident.

Typical data center power supply designs contain a bridgeless or semi bridgeless PFC stage such as a totem-pole stage and a resonant DC-DC stage such as an LLC resonant converter.

GaN Systems has created new designs that are smashing size and cost barriers in power supplies. We recently released the highest power density 3kW LLC reference design, which is designed to pair with our 3kW bridgeless totem-pole PFC reference design for data center applications. This combined design exceeds the 80 PLUS Titanium standard for efficiency in power supply units.

Cost effective and highly efficient 3kW BTP-PFC with LLC Resonant Converter

GaN Systems has benchmarked its 3kW BTP-PFC and LLC Resonant Converter design among other existing GaN-based PFC and LLC solutions. This 3kW reference design delivers best-in-class performance, achieving high power density above 100W/inch3 and peak efficiency of more than 98 percent. 

Along with the newly released 3kW LLC design, our 3kW Totem Pole PFC reference design has been updated and improved. Changes include enhanced thermal design, inclusion of cycle-by-cycle current protection, and transistor optimization and layout adjustments. This design results in 99.1% peak efficiency.

The shift from “Dollar per Watt” to “Dollar per Density,” where density is a measure of size and power of the power supply, is intensifying. GaN Systems is meeting these demands to deliver more power in a smaller footprint and meet new energy efficiency requirements, including European Union’s “Lot 9” 2023.  Smaller power supplies using GaN allow more storage and memory to be added into the same rack space allowing for data center capacity growth without building more data centers. This is critically important with the ever-growing volume of data being created. Data center operators not only lower costs but also reduce their CO2 footprint.

Efficiency standards, such as 80 PLUS and advancements in transistors, such as GaN, have pushed industrial and data center industries to turn to power supplies that respond to new technology, energy, and societal demands while keeping costs down.

Sign up for GaN Systems’ August 31, 11 AM EDT webinar about our new AC/DC Reference Design here and download the 3kW PFC and LLC reference designs.