GaN Systems 4th Generation GaN Power Platform

The highly-rated GaN Systems Gen4 platform enables customers to achieve new levels of power efficiency and size reduction. With industry-leading figures-of-merit, Gen4 delivers world’s-best switching and conduction loss performance. Additionally, the new platform unlocks additional total system cost savings in comparison to other GaN as well as against Silicon and Silicon Carbide alternatives. This Gen4 platform cements GaN Systems as the cost-effective choice for power conversion and serves as the precursor to a series of groundbreaking industry advancements.

GaN Systems 4th Generation GaN Power Platform

Gen4 Application Benefits

  • Exceed the newly released OCP M-CRPS power supply performance standards.
  • Achieve higher light load efficiency in power supply design essential for meeting data center sustainability requirements.
  • More savings on total system cost compared to Silicon and Silicon Carbide solutions.
  • Example: 3.2kW power supplies that reached 100W/in3 power density in 2022 are now, with GaN Systems Gen4, achieving 120W/in3 and efficiencies above Titanium level.

Gen4 Platform Features

  • >20% improvement in input and output figures-of-merit translates into reduced losses, enhanced efficiency, and more cost-effective solutions.
  • Increased granularity in device specification, combined with a wide range of packaging options, including PDFN, TOLL, TOLT, and Embedded – allowing the correct Rds resistance and package combination for each application, consequently optimizing electrical and thermal system performance.
  • 700V E-mode with the industry’s highest transient voltage rating, 850V, significantly enhancing total system reliability and robustness. This rating enables the semiconductor components to withstand user environment anomalies, such as voltage spikes, ensuring uninterrupted and dependable performance.
  • On-state resistance ranges enable power systems from 20W to 25,000W

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About GaN Systems

GaN Systems is the global leader in GaN power semiconductors with the largest portfolio of transistors which uniquely address the needs of today’s most demanding industries including consumer electronics, data center servers and power supplies, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and automotive electronics.

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