Part NumberGSP665x-EVBIMS2
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High Power IMS2 Evaluation Platform

This horizontal Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) evaluation platform can be used to evaluate the electrical and thermal performance benefits of GaNPX® bottom-side cooled E-HEMTs in high power applications.

The optimized thermal and electrical designs provide a excellent reference for implementing a low cost, high performance design.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced thermal and mechanical design
  • Ultra low inductance, bottom-cooled GaNPX® package
  • Minimizing parasitic elements of the power and gate drive loops via magnetic flux-cancellation
  • High performance switching with low EMI
  • Scalable and parallelable GaNPX® packaging for applications up to 100 kW
  • Low cost thermal solution for high power applications.

The platform consists of a gate drive motherboard and separate Half Bridge IMS evaluation boards (3kW and 6kW). The motherboard layout is configured to drive 1 or 2 half bridge circuits or 1 full bridge circuit.

IMS2 platform gate drive motherboard

IMS2 half bridge evaluation boards

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