Part NumberGS-EVB-DRG-100V7R-GS2
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100V Buck/Boost Evaluation Board with Driver GaN Power Stage

The GS-EVB-DRG-100V7R-GS2 is an evaluation board with 100V Driver GaN power stage GS-EVM-DRG-100V7R-GS2. The board is an open loop Buck/Boost that provides a complete 48V Step Down converter which can be used to evaluate efficiency & power density for use in applications such as CPU/GPU/DDR, High-performance Class D Audio systems, and Forward Converter, ZVS, Buck, Boost topologies.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated board for easy evaluation of GS-EVM-DRG-100VR-GS2
  • 100 V Driver GaN Open loop Buck/Boost Board
  • 7mΩ Half-Bridge power stage
  • Dual PWM DrGaN input
  • Ultra-fast rise/fall time
  • High power density at 1MHz+ fSW operation
  • High efficiency for 48V board power

Block Diagram


  • 48 V Step Down Converters
  • High-performance Class D Audio systems
  • Forward Converter, ZVS, Buck/Boost topologies

Evaluation Module

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