800V 11kW OBC Reference Design
Part Number800V-11kW-OBC


GaN OBC Changes the Game for EV Automotive Design

Key Features of the OBC design

  • 36% higher power density compared to silicon carbide (SiC) transistor designs
  • 15% lower Bill of Materials (BOM) cost compared to silicon carbide (SiC) transistor designs
  • AC/DC stage peak efficiency>99%, DC/DC stage peak efficiency>98.5%
  • Reduced total semiconductor power loss
  • Improved thermal performance

How we did it

  • GaN Systems transistors
    • Tested to AEC-Q and the rigorous AutoQual+™ quality and reliability criteria
    • Mounted on thermally efficient IMS substrates
  • 3-Level PFC stage design
    • Naturally balanced flying capacitor in a very small size
    • Inductor improvements versus SiC: 80% reduction in inductor value, 75% reduction in inductor volume resulting in 6X higher power density
  • 3-Level DAB stage design
    • Transformer improvements versus SiC: 40% reduction in volume, 13% reduction in losses, 1.6X increase in power density

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