GS66508T-EVBHB evaluation board

This Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) evaluation platform can be used to evaluate the electrical and thermal performance benefits of GaNPX® E-HEMTs on an Insulated Metal Substrate for high power applications. The platform consists of a motherboard and separate Half bridge IMS modules (3kW and 6kW). 

These assemblies can be configured into any of 12 different topologies, architectures and operating modes. The IMS Evaluation modules can also be purchased independently for use as a high power GaN intelligent power module (IPM) to be used with the designer’s own board for in-system prototyping.

IMS Evaluation Modules Half Bridge with Gate Drive

         • GSP65R13HB-EVB: 650V/13mOhm, 4-7kW
         • GSP65R25HB-EVB: 650V/25mOhm, 2-4kW

IMS Platform Motherboard

         • GSP65MB-EVB

Half bridge/Full bridge Configuration Options

        Configuration options

User guide

         • GSP65RXXHB-EVB UserGuide


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