Application Notes

Our unique portfolio of GaN power transistors enables the design of smaller, lower cost, more efficient power systems that are free from the limitations of yesterday’s silicon. Our application guides and design examples will help you understand and get the most out of GaN Systems’ technology.

Document #App Notes – English
GN001An Introduction to GaN E-HEMTs
GN002Thermal Design for Top-Side Cooled GaNPX® packaged Devices
GN003Measurement Techniques for High-Speed GaN E-HEMTs
GN004Design considerations of paralleled GaN HEMT
GN005PCB Thermal Design Guide for GaN Enhancement Mode Power Transistors
GN006SPICE model for GaN HEMT usage guidelines and example
GN007Modeling Thermal Behavior of GaNPX® packages Using RC Thermal SPICE Models
GN008GaN Switching Loss Simulation Using LTSpice
GN009PCB Layout Considerations with GaN E-HEMTs
GN010EZDriveTM Solution for GaN Systems E-HEMTs
GN011Soldering Recommendations for GaNPX® Packaged Devices
GN012Gate Driver Design with GaN E-HEMTs
Document #App Notes – Japanese 日本語
GN001エンハンスメントモードGaN HEMTの紹介
GN002GaN Systemsの上面冷却 GaNPX-Tパッケージデバイスの熱設計
GN003高速GaN E-HEMTの測定技術
GN004GaN HEMTの並列動作の考慮事項
GN009GaN E-HEMTを実装するPCBのレイアウト設計手順
GN010GaN Systems’ E-HEMTのためのEZDrive ソリューション