Breakthrough Performance on Display with GaN Systems at PCIM 2022

Breakthrough Performance on Display with GaN Systems at PCIM 2022



GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, today announced the key power electronics solutions that will be on display at PCIM Europe 2022 from May 10–12, 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. PCIM is one of the world’s leading conferences for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. GaN Systems will showcase solutions that unlock the value of smaller, lighter, and lower-cost power electronics and enable companies to create more energy-efficient power electronics requiring fewer scarce resources and materials.

Breakthrough Performance on Display with GaN Systems at PCIM 2022

GaN Systems PCIM 2022 booth #509 (Hall 9) will include products across its major business units, including data center, industrial, automotive, and Hi-Rel.

Data Center: Power supplies developed with GaN Systems transistors have double the power density of legacy PSUs and enable up to 20% energy savings in data centers. Products on display include SoluM’s high power density 2700W power supply. It achieves breakthrough performance with Titanium efficiency, an impressive 82W/in3 power density, and a small form factor of 185mm in length versus the 265mm of legacy products. Also on display will be Compuware’s 3kW PSU, which achieves a 50% power increase compared to its prior 2kW PSU in the same form factor. GaN Systems will display its 3kW BTP-PFC and 3kW LLC Converter evaluation kits that help customers get to market faster. It exceeds the 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency requirements when combined in a design. New technical solutions from GaN Systems include an array of thermal management solutions that reduce thermal resistance up to 90%.

Industrial: Factory and industrial motors, street and commercial lighting, and transportation are some of the biggest energy users and contributors to pollution. Increased energy efficiencies and cost saving opportunities are needed in motor drive, lighting, and electrification to improve our environmental footprint. On display will be Signify’s revolutionary Philips LED bulb with a built-in GaN Systems-based driver that results in lower cost, higher power, and more energy-efficient LED lighting solution and Siemens GaN-based drive in its Simatic Micro-Drive product line, which offers increased efficiency and faster motor response time. Additionally, several E-mobility DC-DC and inverter customer products will be on display that demonstrate the benefits of GaN for ebikes, escooters, and more.

Automotive: GaN Systems has demonstrated its leadership in automotive with the commercialization of its AutoQual+ qualified transistors and investments from BMW, Toyota, Vitesco Technologies, and USI. GaN is being designed in on-board charger, traction inverter, and DC-to-DC converter applications. GaN Systems’ exhibit will include Canoo’s on-board charger (OBC). Canoo’s lifestyle delivery, base and premium vans are planned for release in 2022. Additionally, the All GaN Vehicle traction inverter and BrightLoop’s DC/DC converter product for electric motorsport will be showcased. Furthermore, an array of high power GaN module designs will be on display that feature the latest packaging technologies. 

HiRel: Aerospace, avionics, space, and some industrial and scientific applications have unique requirements for system designers where failure-free operation and long lifetimes in harsh mechanical, thermal, and radiation conditions are absolute. In partnership with Teledyne HiRel Electronics, GaN power transistors deliver the efficiency, size, and power-density benefits required for demanding HiRel power applications. These include propulsion systems that meet challenges in high-power, high-density motors or aerospace power and energy storage for power conversion and control, distribution, and transmission. Most recently, Teledyne with GaN Systems released their new 650 V, 60 A GaN HEMTs, which have been tested through stringent NASA’s Level 1 screening flow and can be qualified to NASA’s full Level 1 conformance as per customer requirements.

“The shift and massive adoption of GaN power transistors are ushering in product innovation in power electronics unlike ever before,” said Paul Wiener, VP of Strategic Marketing at GaN Systems. “We’re excited to be back at PCIM and show the innovation happening across automotive, data center, industrial, and many other markets with our customers’ GaN-based solutions.”

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GaN Systems will demonstrate the latest designs and products at Hall 9, Booth #509. Contact us here or reserve an appointment or meet with GaN Systems virtually at the show.