GaN Powered: Revolutionizing Today’s Most Power Demanding Industries

We live in an increasingly data- and energy-driven world.

Data centers, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and personal electronics are more important than ever.

These industries are driving an increasing demand for power.

At the same time, addressing the rapid increase in CO2 emissions requires industries to operate with higher energy efficiency.

Most companies know that energy efficiency is critical to sustainable, long-term growth and success.

Energy wasted in power conversion is a fundamental problem.

More than 20% of all the energy consumed around the world is lost as heat through inefficient power conversion.

This wasted power can be reduced by 50% through the use of GaN semiconductors.

Silicon transistor technology is decades old and has reached its limits.

That’s why GaN is now replacing Silicon as the foundational building block for power systems.

GaN enables the design of power systems that are smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient compared to Silicon-based solutions – all while having lower system costs.

From rack mount and server embedded power supplies in data centers to traction inverters and on-board chargers in electric vehicles,

GaN Systems is committed to a sustainable future by enabling more efficient power electronics resulting in a world defined by higher levels of resilience, inclusion, and environmental health.

GaN Systems makes gallium nitride transistors that are revolutionizing today’s most power demanding industries.

Looking beyond today…See How Gan Will Shape the Future of Power

Explore how GaN technology will play a role in the future of chargers and adapters, consumer audio, data centers, automotive, and more…

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