Renewable eBook

GaN Technology and The Renewable Energy World

The global demand for electricity grew by nearly one-third over the past decade and is accelerating to respond to the power needs of electric vehicles, data centers, automated and robotic factories, and consumer devices. Renewable production is increasing, but not fast enough. The fate of our future – resilience, prosperity, and inclusion – is strongly linked to the supply of energy and managing demand through energy efficiency.

How are we going to respond and what role do GaN transistors play in shaping this near future?

In this eBook, topics reviewed include:

  • The role that data centers, industrial manufacturing and transportation play in the business adoption of renewable energy
  • Consumer, economic, and business trends that are impacting the demand for renewable energy
  • Key technology drivers of a 24/7 renewable energy world
  • An example of a GaN- based renewable energy solution

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