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GaN Systems Wins Coveted 2015 Global Semiconductor Award

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Global Semiconductor Alliance award honors GaN Systems for its industry impact.

OTTAWA, Ontario, December 14, 2015 – GaN Systems, the leading manufacturer of gallium nitride power transistors, has won the coveted Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) 2015 “Start-Up to Watch” award. The award was announced and presented in front of an audience of over 1,400 executives on December 10th, 2015 at the annual GSA Awards Dinner Celebration. The “Start-Up to Watch” award is presented to a semiconductor company that demonstrates the potential to positively change its markets or the semiconductor industry in general through innovative semiconductor technology. The award, which has been sought after annually by the world’s leading semiconductor start-ups for the past 15 years, comes from the over 400 GSA member companies which span 35 countries and account for over 75% of the semiconductor industry revenue.

To qualify for the “Start-Up to Watch” award, in addition to superior technology and innovation, three additional award selection criteria must be met:  the recipient must be a semiconductor company (either fabless or an integrated device manufacturer), it must be privately held, and it must have a cumulative product revenue of under $20 million USD.  After a detailed screening of nominated companies, the process includes down-selection to four finalist companies, followed by in-person company presentations to the GSA Private Awards Committee, which is comprised of senior semiconductor and foundry executives, venture capitalists and select serial entrepreneurs from the semiconductor industry.

Upon being informed of winning the award, GaN Systems’ CEO Jim Witham commented, “We are pleased and honored by the GSA’s recognition of GaN Systems’ innovations and the performance advances we bring to the semiconductor industry. The world is using more electronics and more energy at an ever increasing rate. Without increasing the efficiency of power electronics and reducing their size, the trend is unsustainable.  Our products help to alleviate the world’s exponentially growing appetite for more compact, efficient and cost-effective power management solutions. GaN Systems’ innovations allow our products to far exceed the performance limitations of silicon, enabling previously unachievable levels of power conversion performance for consumer, datacenter, industrial and transportation applications. Today, hundreds of customers worldwide have developed products with GaN Systems, making our technology one of the most exciting developments in power electronics in over 20 years.”

GaN Systems’ president Girvan Patterson added, “We are proud to accept the “Start-Up to Watch” award from the GSA’s rarefied constituency. It’s humbling to receive this award from an organization made up of hundreds of esteemed global industry leaders such as Analog Devices, Broadcom, Infineon, Intel, ON Semiconductor, NXP, QUALCOMM, Samsung, Silicon Labs, and TSMC. We look forward to continuing to lead semiconductor innovation, and to providing design engineers with solutions that meet the growing demand for increasingly more effective power management.”