Webinar: The Benefits Of Gallium Nitride Power Switching Transistors

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This webinar sponsored by RichardsonRFPD and hosted by IEEE GlobalSpec introduces GaN Systems’ products and capabilities, and compares them to other GaN devices and silicon MOSFET devices. Examples in key applications are reviewed.


GaN Systems introduced Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors to the world in 2014, unveiling both 100V and 650V devices. Since then, the company’s GaN technology has been widely adopted across consumer, enterprise, industrial, and transportation markets. This presentation will review the fundamentals of GaN technology and introduce GaN Systems’ products and capabilities. Attendees will discover various aspects of the GaN Systems product line including specialized packaging and critical driver specifications. For example, the technology introduced by GaN Systems includes Island Technology® and GaNPX™, products that allow GaN to be used at higher frequencies and higher currents than any other GaN technologies. In addition, attendees will review switching speed, voltage, and current waveforms, efficiencies and thermal specifications, and MTTF data – comparing overall performance and reliability with other GaN and silicon MOSFET devices.

Key Take-Aways

  • The basics of GaN transistors
  • The applications that benefit from GaN and why
  • GaN performance characterization, comparison data, and drive techniques
  • Critical driver specifications and industry standard drivers
  • GaN reliability and failure modes
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