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Webinar: Class D Audio with GaN

A detailed look at Class D Audio Amplifier design and the many benefits with GaN Systems Power Transistors In This Webinar You’ll Learn: Why Class D is state of the art amplifier design Why GaN technology and GaN Systems is the best choice for Class D amplifier design How to complete a design quickly with…

Webinar: What’s Driving GaN Semiconductor Mass Market Appeal?

How GaN is Revolutionizing Wired and Wireless Power This webinar covers how GaN power semiconductors have become the power solution of choice for wired power applications and how GaN can do the same for wireless power applications. Advances in GaN transistors and their market adoption have dismissed the myths of risk, cost, and reliability associated…

Webinar: Thermal Management Guidelines for GaN Transistors

This Webinar Covers: The performance impact of thermal management What the most important measurements and calculations are How to maximize performance with GaN Systems top-cooled and bottom-cooled transistors With Ruoyu (Roy) Hou, Power Electronics Application Engineer, GaN Systems Inc.

Battery ESS

GaN-based power electronics increases efficiency, reduces size and lowers system cost.

Webinar: GaN Performance Advantage in Totem Pole PFC and LLC Converters

The webinar compares GaN E-HEMT with Silicon and SiC MOSFETs in a Power Supply Unit (PSU) with Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC and LLC resonant converter topologies. The presentation concludes that GaN E-HEMT solutions provide higher efficiency than SiC and 40% higher power density than the conventional Si-based PSU design. With Dr. Jimmy Liu, Technical Marketing…

Webinar: Simple Layout Steps for Maximizing GaN Design Performance

Higher system efficiency and power density are enabled by the ultra-low switching energy consumption of GaN HEMTs. With Lucas Lu, Global AE Manager at GaN Systems Inc. View this video on YouTube > In this webinar: Review the design theories and implementations the power semiconductor industry has learned and perfected over the past decade Learn…

Video: “Tech it Up” with Jessica Ly Interviews Paul Wiener for GaN Systems

What are GaN transistors and how can they help the planet by letting industries be more energy efficient? Jessica Ly finds out in this episode with Paul Wiener, VP Strategic Marketing for GaN Systems.   This video appears on the Regalix Inc YouTube channel. 

Webinar: The Effect of Dynamic On-State Resistance to System Losses in GaN-based Hard-Switching Applications

GaN power transistors are the building blocks of change for the design of a new generation of smaller, lower cost, more efficient power systems – free from the limitations of yesterday’s silicon. Over the past several years, power engineers have demonstrated that systems designed with GaN power transistors exhibit high efficiency and power density due…

GaN Systems CEO, Jim Witham, Appears on Bloomberg to Discuss Gallium Nitride Semiconductors

Jim Witham, GaN Systems’ CEO, appeared on Bloomberg BNN’s Power Shift to discuss how using gallium nitride (GaN) can help increase the energy efficiency of electronic systems. Click here to view this video on Bloomberg BNN Power Shift’s website

The Mobility Revolution- Part 3: Data Centers and Manufacturing

“The Conversation” is a video series in which GaN Systems’ executives engage in conversation with leaders in industries that are being revolutionized as a result of changes in power technologies and power semiconductors.  “The Mobility (R)Evolution”, with Jim Witham of GaN systems and Uwe Higgen of BMW i Ventures is three-part conversation within this series…