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Learn from our experts how to use and take advantage of GaN transistors in your systems.

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An Experimental Comparison of GaN E-HEMTs versus SiC MOSFETs over Different Operating Temperatures2017 Nov
A Modular Designed Three-phase High-efficiency High-power-density EV Battery Charger Using Dual/Triple-Phase-Shift Control – Available with IEEE membership2017 Nov
Utilizing GaN transistors in 48V communications DC-DC converter design2017 Nov
New tools for driving GaN E-HEMT transistors2017 Oct
A high power-density and high efficiency insulated metal substrate based GaN HEMT power module – Available with IEEE membership2017 Oct
Critical transient processes of enhancement-mode GaN HEMTs in high-efficiency and high-reliability applications2017 Oct
A Novel energy balanced variable frequency control for input-series-output-parallel modular EV fast charging stations – Available with IEEE membership2017 Sep
Applying Variable-Switching-Frequency Variable-Phase-Shift Control and E-Mode GaN HEMTs to an Indirect Matrix Converter-Based EV Battery Charger – Available with IEEE membership2017 Jul
The Benefits of Gallium Nitride Power Transistors Span Multiple Markets2017 Jun
A Performance Comparison of GaN E-HEMTs versus SiC MOSFETs2017 Jun
System Level Advantages of Designing with GaN2017 May
Paralleled GaN Transistors Boost Converter Power Up to 100 kW2017 May
A model-based buck-type active filter using proportional-resonant controller and GaN HEMTs – Available with IEEE membership2017 Mar
Paralleling GaN E-HEMTs in 10kW–100kW systems – Available with IEEE membership
2017 Mar
A Novel Power Inverter Design Using GaN Transistors Produces a Power Density of 61.2 W/in32016 Sep
SiC and GaN vs. IGBTs: The Imminent Tug of War for Supremacy
2016 Jul
Paralleling GaN E-HEMTs in 10kW-100kW Systems – Available with IEEE membership2016 Jul
Integration or Optimization…Which Comes First?2016 Jun
Level 2 Onboard Charger with GaN Semiconductors Achieves Record Efficiency2016 Mar
Google Little Box Challenge Showcases GaN Power Element2016 Mar
Design consideration of gate driver circuits and PCB parasitic parameters of paralleled E-mode GaN HEMTs in zero-voltage-switching applications – Available with IEEE membership
2016 Mar
An E-mode GaN HEMTs based three-level bidirectional DC/DC converter used in Robert Bosch DC-grid system – Available with IEEE membership
2016 Nov
Comparison of Silicon and GaN Transistors Leads to an Optimized Inverter Design
2016 May